Scattered no more: your data compiled, organized, analyzed

Bring all your disparate data together under one roof for analysis. From commerce platforms and POS systems to Excel files in the back office, Morph imports it all and parses it into a single, unified database.

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Data integration made easy

Customer data is dispersed across multiple e-commerce platforms, POS systems, advertising platforms like Google Analytics, and Excel files. Building a data infrastructure to integrate them used to cost a lot of time and money - with Morph, you get a 24/7 integrated data platform in just a few clicks.

Data Import

Supports EC platforms such as Shopify and import of Excel and CSV files.

Data integration

Dig out buried insights by compiling and organizing your data on Morph.


Python and SQL for flexible handling of complex conditions

Morph enables the creation of custom metrics to address the problems faced. Flexible data access and analysis capabilities allow you to get the metrics you need — in the field and in real time — for faster decision-making.

Python & SQL

A Python and SQL development environment is built-in to Morph, allowing users to visualize the results of code execution in real time while performing analyses.

Morph AI

Morph’s AI chatbot specializes in generating, modifying, and explaining Python and SQL; helping engineers and analysts communicate with non-technical departments.


Easy sharing with links

Share your analysis results via a link, or use the url to embed tables and charts in internal tools such as Notion. They can also be exported as images or CSV for regular reporting.

Simplified dashboard

Once the data canvas is neatly organized, create a simple dashboard that is updated in real time, with just a few clicks.


Export analysis results in CSV and image formats. Use for reporting in PowerPoint or Excel.

Data visualization

Creating eye-catching charts on the data canvas is a breeze with AI prompts. Immediately visualize the results of your analysis and find further insights.

Supercharge your daily SaaS tools

Try Morph today to seamlessly add data analysis to your existing tools and maximize your workflow.