Build custom AI chats to supercharge engagement

Use Morph to customize AI chatbots using your own dataset, then share it on any AI chat platform.

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Build AI chats using your own data

AI chat is a hot topic, but it’s so much more than a fad. If you can build a chat experience that suits your service, you can strengthen customer and fan engagement cheaply and scalably.

Customer engagement

By building AI chats loaded with product data and customer support history, you can actively acquire the information your customers want.Get to grips with customer needs that could not be picked up by one-way information transfer.

Fan engagement

By building AI chats loaded with work data and live event information, fans can access content at their leisure. Furthermore, analyzing chat data provides insights to needs of fans.


Easy data prep for custom AI chats

Preparing the right data is of utmost importance for building a custom AI chatbot.Morph covers every step; from data import, to data conversion and formatting, to final database priming.

Wide variety of data sources

Import your data from databases, Excel files, and SaaS integration — or wherever else it may reside.

AI data preparation

Conversion algorithms can be created and executed using AI prompts, meaning you always have the appropriate data format.


The prepared data is stored as tables in PostgreSQL, allowing you to take advantage of PostgreSQL's built-in functionality for AI.


Morph builds a collaborative workspace where engineers and business departments can comfortably operate in a data environment.

Supercharge your daily SaaS tools

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