Fast, easy, flexible product analysis

Morph connects your application database to SQL or Python without setup or fuss. Create your analysis environment instantly.

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Build an application DB analysis environment in a few clicks

Setting up an environment for analyzing data accumulated in application databases is often more difficult — and more time-consuming — than expected. With Morph, you can easily connect to databases and data warehouses, design and develop data models, and then share your analysis with the rest of the team in real time.


Bring your data into Morph from a variety of the most popular databases and storage formats.

Data Warehouse

Create a data pipeline that imports, formats, and prepares your data for analysis — with minimal setup and configuration.


Get the metrics you want in Python and SQL

Morph enables the creation of custom metrics, with flexible data access and analysis capabilities that allow you to get the information you need — in the field, in real time — for faster decision making.

Python & SQL

A Python and SQL development environment is built-in to Morph, allowing users to visualize the results of code execution in real time while performing analyses.

Morph AI

Morph’s AI chatbot specializes in generating, modifying, and explaining Python and SQL; helping engineers and analysts communicate with non-technical departments.

Data visualization

Create charts via AI prompts right on the data canvas, immediately visualizing your results and insights.


Connect to the BI tools and dashboards you already use

The developed analysis environment can be seamlessly integrated into internal systems and workflows for rapid, practical results.


Analysis results are stored as PostgreSQL tables by default, for integration with BI tools and back-end systems.

Data API

Analysis results on the data canvas can be linked to an API, connecting in-house tools or front-ends.

Supercharge your daily SaaS tools

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