Morph includes a built-in PostgreSQL database. This database can be used to temporarily store intermediate results of data pipelines or store final results for connecting to external services.

Adding and Deleting Tables

  • Adding Tables: Right-click the "Built-in Tables" item in the left sidebar to open the Add Table modal.
  • Deleting Tables: Right-click on the table name in the left sidebar to open the Delete Table modal.

Managing Fields

When you select a table, the main area displays a list of records. You can add, edit, and delete fields by clicking "Field" in the upper right corner of the main area.

Managing Records

Click "Create Record" in the lower right corner of the main area to add a record. You can also download records in CSV format by clicking the "Download" button.

Additionally, when you select records by checking the boxes at the beginning of each row, a delete button appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

Connection Information

You can obtain PostgreSQL connection information from "Database Setting" in the left sidebar and configure IP restrictions for the connection.