About Workspace

This section explains the workspace, which constitutes a project built on Morph.

What is a Workspace?

A workspace is the unit for organizing data projects in Morph. It packages a built-in PostgreSQL database, file management for Python, SQL, and static files, and management of external database connections.

Accessing from the Left Sidebar

Resources built on a Morph project can be accessed from the left sidebar of the workspace. Selected resources are added as tabs in the main area.

File Management

Within the workspace, Python scripts, SQL queries, and static files can be centrally managed. Files are organized in a directory structure, allowing quick access to necessary files. Moreover, creating, editing, and deleting files through Morph's interface is straightforward. This allows efficient management of all project-related resources and provides an orderly environment for work.

Built-in Database Configuration

The workspace includes a built-in PostgreSQL database that users can utilize as the primary data store for their project. The database name can be configured, allowing users to assign names suitable for each project. Additionally, information for external connections can be obtained, facilitating smooth integration with other tools and services. This ensures data consistency and integrity throughout the project.

Workspace Settings

Within the workspace, users can configure the workspace name and environment variables. The workspace name aids in project identification and smooth communication within the team. Environment variables are used to manage project-specific settings and sensitive information (API keys, database connection details, etc.). This enhances code reusability and ensures consistent operation across different environments. Setting environment variables is a crucial feature that enhances project flexibility and security.

Main Area

The main area is managed by tabs. Selecting each tab renders the editing panel for that resource in the main area.

Right Sidebar

The right sidebar presents auxiliary functions suitable for the selected resource. When Morph AI is displayed in this area, its chat responses are adjusted to be appropriate for the selected resource.