What’s new in Morph v1.1

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##AI & Computed Field

A new Field type has been added to Sources: AI Fields.

With AI Fields you can tell the Morph AI to compute a Field value using values from other columns of data, as well as generating text and formatting conversions.

In addition to processing with AI, many non-AI computation methods such as Join, Rollup, and Sync are provided.

1.1 Release

Styling Charts with AI

With this update, users are now free to change the style of their charts. Chart colors can be changed using AI prompts by describing colors in natural language or with a specific color code, and color palettes can be generated by pasting an image. 1.1 Release 1.1 Release

Chart Embedding

With this update, each chart created in Canvas can now be Publish and shared via a link.This allows for greater flexibility embedding into no-code tools such as Webflow and Wordpress, as well as internal tools such as Notion. Shared charts are connected to the source data, and thus updated in real time as data changes.

1.1 Release

Canvas usability improved

  • Cell drag-and-drop behavior has been stabilized.
  • Table view conditions are now automatically saved.
  • Variables cell values are now automatically saved.