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Morph gives you the power to set up an agile, efficient pipeline that consolidates your data from 150+ sources to plug into your favorite business intelligence tools, quickly and stress-free.

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Click-and-go data pipeline. Collaborate as a team with Morph A.I.


Bring data into Morph from wherever it currently lives.


Structure and transform your data without writing a line of code.


Postgres and dashboards get your findings into the world.

No setup

No deploy

AI Code Editor  AI commentary and code generation enables even business departments to understand, create, and edit data processes. Enhance collaboration within your company, facilitating communication between teams with different expertise.
Data Canvas  visualises the flow of data processing and enables clear, visual management. All team members share the same information, preventing communication discrepancies and facilitating efficient decision-making.
Data Connector

Import safely from your favorite sources

You can bring your data into Morph from almost anywhere. Morph creates a dedicated Postgres database synced with your data source, so you can perform whatever operations you like without worrying about contaminating the original.


Bring your data into Morph from over 150 databases and storage formats.

Business Tools

...then plug the structured, analyzed results into your favorite toolset, painlessly with Postgres.

Data Transformation

Focus on results, not the process

Don't get lost in the weeds structuring and transforming your data. Simply specify what you want, and let Morph AI handle the details. Prefer to keep doing things hands-on? Writing code yourself is always an option.

Coding copilot

Maybe you're a data engineer who prefers to write their own code. But if you don't know code at all (or if you're a front-end dev who hates SQL) then Morph's AI can write queries for you.

Post-facto structuring

Sometimes it is difficult to explain data processing in words. Test out your ideas, then specify the format after conversion and let Morph go back and restructure everything.

Data cleansing

AI processing can also be used to organize or expand the content of data sources. A wide range of processing is possible, including cleansing of addresses and company names and keyword extraction.


Morph builds a collaborative workspace where engineers and business departments can comfortably operate in a data environment.

Data Output

Plug & Play

Get a real-time synced Postgres database in a couple of clicks, ready to plug in anywhere. Postgres means you can plug Morph's results directly into your favorite tools; no time wasted on new learning curves.

Business intelligence

Most BI tools already run on Postgres, meaning Morph can plug its results into them directly.

Internal tools

Morph can easily export to internal tools with an embeddable url.

Supercharge your daily SaaS tools

Try Morph today to seamlessly add data analysis to your existing tools and maximize your workflow.